Big-data business models

ZPB are big fans of using data to differentiate and evidence-base offerings. We were therefore interested to read what the Harvard Business Review blog had to say about the three business models in the big data era. Check out the interesting article here.


Dr Foster Hospital Guide

Alex on his second TV appearance of the day talking about NHS capacity and the Dr Foster Hospital Guide, which he has worked on for the fifth year running. Also squeezed in ten radio interviews in between. He’s been at it since 5.30am and doesn’t seem to be tiring. Yet. Dr Foster also received a…


The 2012 Hospital Guide launches – number five for Alex

The latest Dr Foster Hospital Guide was released today, and for the fifth year running was edited and authored by ZPB’s very own Alex Kafetz. In fact the ZPB team have been involved with ten editions of the Guide now, all of which can be viewed and downloaded from here. Coverage so far today has…