Entrepreneurs can make the NHS better

We’re proud to see our ZPB Directors make the headlines this week as they investigate the potential of the NHS to work with SMEs. Last Tuesday, ZPB attended the NHS Commissioning Board‘s Entrepreneurs Day, where 50 delegates from all over the country came to London to an event that aimed to help the board understand…


‘Transforming thinkers into creators’

There’s a little known fact about ZPB. Among our team of marketing, communications and research specialists, we also count a number of technophiles; from SEO enthusiasts, to programming geeks, to web analytics fanatics. The office is becoming used to the excitement caused when someone mistakenly inspects element. To boost our skills, we’ve been attending courses…


‘Big data isn’t big’

In a novel piece of non-Francis news, we recommend the latest offering from the inspiratory, an article about the way we have come to misperceive big data. Senior partner James Walker warns that, although analysing big data has the power to transform business, the ease of doing so has been over-stated. Breaking down the false…


Bristol v. Mid Staffordshire

An appendage to our article below (‘Familiarity not contempt’). We couldn’t help but notice some similarities between the Bristol Heart Babies Scandal and the Francis Report.