WhatsApp Doc?

A version of this blog was first featured in November’s issue of Health Investor. Alex Kafetz, managing partner and director of insight and strategy at ZPB Associates, considers the future of digital GP consultations. It’s been around four years since a number of equity-backed companies entered the digital primary care market, all making video consultations with general…

Friday Five

Winter crisis, health wealth & vape warnings – Friday Five

NHS facing its worst winter crisis This could be the worst winter the NHS has experienced according to the British Medical Association (BMA). They estimate that more than 1 million NHS patients could face long waits in emergency departments, while the service will struggle to meet demand from patients waiting to be seen in A&E….

Friday Five

Creepy crawlies, too many treats and terrifying trade deals – a freaky Friday Five!

What kind of doctors are like spiders? Spin doctors (and now surgeons) While you have been frantically sticking ghoulish decorations up with sticky tape for Halloween, scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed a spider-inspired double-sided tape to stick body tissue together after surgery. The sticky tape, which they hope will replace sutures, absorbs…