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Ashleigh Smith

Ash is an Account Manager at ZPB. Working with clients and the wider ZPB team, Ash is passionate about helping to drive real change and improvements across the health and care system through strategic marketing and communications.

As an in-house marketing and communications professional by trade, Ash has led a wide range of marketing and communications activities, from content creation to strategic communications to marketing campaigns to PR to events and more, Ash has the expertise to guide clients in a desirable direction.

Prior to ZPB, Ash was a Media and Communications Officer at Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) and before that, The Lancet. Prior to moving into the health science sector, Ash was a Media and Communications Manager at a London-based housing charity called Central and Cecil Housing Trust (C&C). Before moving to the UK from her motherland of New Zealand, Ash also held various marketing and communications roles within the government, energy, and tourism sectors.

Outside of ZPB, you will usually find Ash going out for runs, enjoying a craft beer or two with friends, petting every dog she meets, and travelling to wherever she can get the latest deal to.

Ash holds a Bachelor of Communications (BC) in Marketing from the University of Waikato, New Zealand.
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