British Lung Foundation

The British Lung Foundation (BLF) set itself the ambition of becoming the UK’s largest and highest impact lung charity, and asked ZPB to develop a digital strategy that would extend its reach among patients, supporters and health professionals and deliver measurable impact in relation to its fundraising, research and service delivery objectives.

We undertook a thorough review of their existing digital presence, an assessment of the digital and healthcare landscape and interviews with key internal and external stakeholders, before working with their top team to create a vision and set of short and medium term priorities.

“ZPB were engaged by the British Lung Foundation to produce a high level digital strategy. The result, which was welcomed by staff and trustees alike, demonstrated an excellent understanding of the health environment and provides the BLF with a robust framework for future planning. Crucially, the strategy recognises the challenges of ‘future proofing’ any strategic digital work. By grounding the output in principles, ZPB has given the charity the means to regularly review and update our plans, against a very fast changing backdrop.”

Clare Cox, director of fundraising and communications, British Lung Foundation

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