Map of Medicine

Effective product launch

For Map of Medicine’s new Referrals product, we launched a multi-channel campaign that led to conversations with over 40 new Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Map of Medicine was the first company to develop evidence-based decision support at the point of care for general practitioners. It has helped to standardise referrals across the world and is the market leader. Its latest product connected the Map Pathways product with the GP referrals system, bringing the technology together to make the business of referrals safer and more efficient.

ZPB launched Map Referrals in 2013 by sending data-rich bespoke reports to every Clinical Commissioning Group, identifying outlying referrals patterns and potential savings. In addition, ZPB created an editorial white paper, Having it all: Efficient and high quality referral management, which including contributions from leading GPs Dr Shane Gordon, Clinical Chief Officer from North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group and Dr Peter Short, National Clinical Lead GP, Health and Social Care Information Centre. It was distributed at events and the articles were also published in the trade press.

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