NHS England London region


ReSPECT is a process that creates personalised recommendations for a person’s clinical care in a future emergency when they are unable to make or express choices, such as at the end of life.

ZPB was asked by our client the NHS England London Region (Healthy London Partnerships) to conduct research with members of the public to inform a communications strategy for engaging the general public. The research objectives included understanding the benefits and the barriers to adopting this new process.

Qualitative research took place in June 2016 and we interviewed 12 Londoners from a diverse range of demographics. We recruited participants through community outreach, as well as email invitations to patient groups and undertook telephone and face-to-face interviews. The duration was usually one hour.

We presented the findings to the client and again to the National ReSPECT committee with multiple NHS health agencies involved. Our research provided some insights into three different attitudes to ReSPECT and highlighted the benefits and the triggers likely to make it relevant. The important role of health and care professionals (HCPs) was also clearly made by the interviewees which helped NHS England London adopt a strategy to educate and inform HCPs before communicating the process to the public.

We went on to develop campaign creative for ReSPECT based on the findings. The creative concept: “You have been making decisions all your life” was based on the insight that being able to influence how someone would be cared for when they were unable to speak for themselves was valued. Each poster focused on real, deeply held personal views that interviewees told us were important about their own care and treatment preferences. See more at respectprocess.org.uk.

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