Outcomes Based Healthcare


Myth-busting social media campaign

Outcomes Based Healthcare (OBH) wants to get the health service to change the way it works and asked ZPB to help get people thinking and talking about commissioning for outcomes. ZPB created and delivered a successful content-led social media campaign designed to stimulate debate and raise OBH’s profile.

We hit on the idea of busting a myth a week about using outcomes as the basis for commissioning and managing healthcare and using social media to promote and encourage the conversation.  We produced a series of pithy essays, illuminated by a series of interviews and case studies.

It worked.  OBH experienced a 451 per cent increase in its website traffic and a 322 per cent increase in unique visitors.  The twitter campaign reached around 75,000 accounts, resulting in a 45 per cent rise in OBH’s followers. More importantly, it delivered on OBH’s aims, which were to share what they had learnt and observed and to offer both inspiration and practical resources to help people turn ideas about outcomes into reality.

“The campaign has been more successful than we could have possibly imagined, by any measure. And most of all it’s been fun working with ZPB!”

Rupert Dunbar-Rees, OBH

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