South Somerset Vanguard

Understanding attitudes to digital health

Client: Yeovil District Hospital and the South Somerset Vanguard – an integrated primary and acute care systems vanguard.

To inform the design of a more integrated health and care system and its technology strategy, the programme board of Yeovil District Hospital wanted to understand how people currently use health and care services, and which of these services and needs could be better addressed with technology such as online booking, online GP consultations or shared care records. Rather than doing traditional consultations, they commissioned ZPB to undertake a consumer research programme with a mixed methodology to capture both online and offline communities.

ZPB had just 10 weeks in which to design, conduct the research and report back to the board with key insights and recommendations. The questions were designed to understand current and future consumption patterns for local health services, including attitudes and disposition towards digital health and online health services, such as online booking, online GP consultations, self-management apps and health and wellbeing apps.

We secured our target of over 1,600 responses using online, telephone and face to face surveys, supplemented with four online and face to face focus groups, and reported back to the Symphony Board. Symphony has since been lauded as one of the most advanced ACOs in England and have started to implement an integrated population-focused digital and tech strategy.

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