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Using content to launch a new charity

For the launch of the patient experience charity the Point of Care Foundation, ZPB wrote and produced a report entitled Staff Care: How to engage staff in the NHS and why it matters, launched at the House of Lords. The Point of Care Foundation was a brand new charity. They commissioned ZPB to create their very first publication, a report on staff and staff engagement in the NHS. The aim was to produce a report that would help to launch the charity and to do that, it needed to command attention and interest in what is already a very crowded space.

ZPB worked with the foundation’s director, Dr Jocelyn Cornwell, to put together an advisory group including NHS chairs, chief executives and nursing directors as well as eminent experts in the field such as Dr Steve Boorman, Dr Jeremy Dawson and Dame Professor Carol Black.  We carried out a survey of NHS chief executives and undertook a programme of in-depth interviews and desk research.

We shaped, edited and designed this wealth of content into a short, readable and attractive report.  Within six weeks of publication, the report had been downloaded 17,000 times.

“We wanted the content to be strong, the text to be well written and the report itself to look and feel good. It was also very important that the process of producing the report should be managed well so that we could win the confidence of the many influential people – experts and NHS leaders – who provided advice on the work.  ZPB helped us to fulfil all our aims.  I have very high regard for the ZPB team: they are highly professional, very bright, and – importantly – very nice to work with.”

Dr Jocelyn Cornwell, Director, The Point of Care Foundation


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