Using taxi drivers in Buenos Aires to spread ideas. This is a brilliant idea. A truly fantastic way of spreading ideas and connecting with an everyday audience without relying on anything other than good, old fashioned story telling. No big media spend, nothing fancy. It goes to show that if you have something interesting to…


Joint replacement: how to build financially sustainable services

The second HSJ Change Forecast, with analysis from US company Sg2 explains how trusts can implement optimised pathways in primary hip and knee replacement care to ensure a financially sustainable and patient-friendly service.


Wise words from patients

To mark the launch of their new website, the ZPB team and PR agency Journalista worked with Patient Opinion to codify hundreds of patient stories to find out what compelled them to write about NHS services. 1 in 3 patients perceived a problem with staff attitudes; 1 in 4 thought miscommunication between staff and patients…


Saving £800m in COPD inpatient care

US analytics company Sg2 and and HSJ have launched the Change Forecast – an online resource delivering in-depth analysis on future opportunities for improvement and cost savings in the health service. And the ZPB team has been helping them make this happen. The first feature focuses on COPD and explores how a proactive approach to…