Accessing the NHS for health tech SMEs

By Zoe Bedford There’s no money.  The market is prone to political interference.  There are sudden and often unclear changes in the balance of power.  The customer frequently doesn’t know what they want or why, and the sector is subject to intense scrutiny by media and a powerful anti-privacy lobby. This is a hard market….


Keeping the NHS alive

By Richard Smith. Re-published from his BMJ blog with permission. The NHS has to change radically if it is to survive. All those who study the NHS closely know that, but I’m not sure that all those who work in the NHS know it. And the necessity for radical change—as opposed to more money—features hardly…


Doctor level data needs more transparency

By Alex Kafetz It’s a sad day for the NHS’s transparency programme when the cardiothoracic surgeons want out. The Guardian reports that the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery – long held up nationally and internationally as bastions of transparency – has written to Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, to ask for a rethink of the…


Can the NHS land a robot on a comet?

By Alex Kafetz, ZPB Director Some would believe there is more chance of landing a robot probe on a comet than making the NHS digital, but a new strategy is to be implemented by all the key national health and care organisations that are determined to make this happen. Today the Personalised Health and Care 2020…