Why we have launched Further Faster

By Alex Kafetz ZPB are delighted to have launched Further, Faster – the first part of The idea for this piece of work originated about nine months ago when I attended a run-of-the-mill health digital conference and two things happened: Firstly, at a session from one of central NHS senior leaders talking about ‘harnessing…


Educating the ‘failing’ 40%: a new report by the OPSN

This week the Open Public Services Network (OPSN), supported by ZPB, published a report that sheds new light on post-16 education data at a regional and local authority level in the UK. By analysing the National Pupil Database, the OPSN sought to understand how qualification entries and completion vary by institution and local area. Key findings…


OPSN with ZPB launches new website on mental health data

Today the Open Public Services Network (OPSN), working with ZPB, launches a new website presenting information about the treatment of people with serious mental health conditions in each local area at the Royal Society of Arts. We have found that nearly one in four areas of England has unacceptably high rates of early deaths among…


Measuring the value of clinical homecare

How do you measure value in a complex clinical care setting? This is the challenge we have been grappling over the past few months working on behalf of the clinical homecare industry. We hear a lot about value or units of value and how healthcare can be measured in terms of outcomes divided by cost….