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We’re growing. And to do that we need to grow our team and that’s why we are looking for bright, enthusiastic, strategic and creative people to join at all levels.

If you are up for a challenge and want to be part of the ever-changing world of healthcare communications, get in touch. We’re advertising for the following roles but are always open to hearing from prospective ZPBers at any time.

ZPB is a pretty special place to work, read more about our culture and what it is like to work at ZPB by Megan Anderson and Rosie Lyon-Smith. And read Delivery Director Rachel Allan on the questions she gets asked by people interested in working with ZPB.

Equal Opportunities Statement

The Company is committed to maximising the effective use of people in the Company’s and employee’s best interests, and will pursue equality of opportunity as a means of achieving this objective.  Therefore, the Company’s policy requires that employment and progression within it will be determined solely by personal merit and the application criteria which are…

Account Director – pharmaceuticals & life sciences

We are on a mission. To make every interaction within healthcare systems a positive one To build an environment where the NHS, independent sector and life sciences can have better connected and more productive partnerships To create conversations that do good and take issues forward for the health economy to ultimately improve how care is…

PR Senior Account Manager

We’ve always known it, but healthcare is now officially the most interesting sector to work in. The issues we deal with every day include COVID-19; medical breakthroughs and advances across research, medicines and vaccines; the pressure to solve the health and social care workforce challenge; system integration and digital healthcare. ZPB works with the most…

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