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Lily Mugford

Lily joined ZPB as an Account Executive, her role is to help the team by tending to different client accounts and making sure that operations run smoothly. 

Lily graduated from the University of St Andrews with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology while completing two years of Biology and Neuroscience modules. This, alongside assisting with research projects at her university, has helped her to improve upon her statistical skills and develop a greater appreciation for the processes influencing our decision-making – knowledge she is excited to apply at ZPB. At university, she enjoyed communicating psychological information in engaging ways, creating podcasts, and blogs, and writing for her university’s Psychology and Neuroscience magazine. 

Her passion for healthcare led her to complete a range of extracurricular volunteering roles alongside her studies. This has included working with adults with Alzheimer’s Disease and their carers in weekly workshops, an aspect of healthcare Lily is particularly passionate about. 

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and travelling around Scotland (her favourite place). 
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