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Ana Hoyos

Senior Account Executive

07849 089456

Ana is a Senior Account Executive at ZPB working with clients to achieve their goals while closely supporting other members of the team.

Ana joined the team with a background in consumer, lifestyle, and fashion PR, where she helped execute high-profile creative campaigns.

She has extensive experience in health tech devices including smartwatches and other wearables and previously led press office teams across 6 different countries in Europe including overseeing media relations and the development of press materials, setting up presentations and roundtables and creating excitement around launches at events like CES 2021.

As a skilled writer with extensive experience building relationships with media, she has a passion for helping clients develop their voice and spreading awareness through meaningful and creative messaging. Ana has worked in PR agencies in both Los Angeles and London which has allowed her to work with a diverse range of clients and learn how to operate the US and UK media landscape with ease.