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10 worst A&E Departments, private hospital CQC results and Ealing Council’s safe zone – t

10 worst A&E waits revealed

NHS England data has shown the 10 worst hospitals in England for A&E waiting times. Hospital standards are to see 95% of patients in A&E within four hours, however the annual performance has been 88.4%, the worst since records began in 2004. The worst hospital was the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex which only saw 70.9% of patients within four hours. The data also shows that Scotland’s A&Es have been at similar levels to England.

Read more on the BBC.


CQC raises concerns as over two-fifths of private hospitals fail inspections

The Care Quality Commission have raised concerns over the safety and leadership of some services, as two-fifths of private hospitals have failed their inspections. The case of Ian Paterson brought greater scrutiny on the sector. Out of 206 independent acute hospitals, 62% were given a ‘good’ rating; 8% were deemed ‘outstanding’; and 30% were found to need improvement.

Read more on The Guardian.


Ealing Council introduces ‘safe zone’ banning protests outside abortion clinic

Ealing Council have approved a three-year Public Spaces Protection Order which bans groups congregating within 100 metres of the Marie Stopes abortion clinic. Demonstrators are prohibited from shouting, displaying posters and playing recordings about abortions in the area, those who breach the order can be arrested and charged. Ealing Council are the first to have made such a decision, and campaigners are hoping it will pave the way for other local authorities making similar choices.

Read more on The Independent.


Prime Minister announces £75 million research fund into prostate cancer

Theresa May has announced a £75 million investment fund into research targeting prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. It aims to innovate new treatments and recruit more than 40,000 men into over 60 studies over the next five years. A range of methods will be tested in the studies including more precise radiotherapy, high-intensity focused ultrasound and cryotherapy as well as more holistic options including excercise and dietary advice.

Read more on Pharma Times.


Government announces £1.5m grant to provide 2,000 children with ‘activity’ prosthetics

The Government has announced a fund to benefit up to 2,000 children with activity prosthetics such as high-tech running blades. The aim of the fund is to facilitate more children to use sporting prosthetics in the future. Part of the funding has been in collaboration with the National Institute for Health Research to create a Child Prosthetics Research Collaboration. This will bring together national research centres with leading experts from the NHS, industry and academia.

Read more on Sky News.


Quote of the week – James Craig Eames on nurses welfare:

“I read with horror recently that more than 33,000 nurses left the NHS last year. I knew that my wife was one of them and a wave of guilt rushed over me. But I could see how much happier and healthier she was and realised it was worth it and not my fault. The NHS is in crisis and something has to change. Until it does, pray you don’t have to take your child to A&E.”

Read more on The Guardian.

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