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2022 the Year of the Great Return

When I left ZPB in 2017, I knew I was walking away with invaluable experience, brilliant memories, and life-long connections. These connections have developed into deep friendships, mentors, and fellow demanding-dog-owners (talking about you, Rachel). So, when I was considering my next steps in December 2021, it was instinctive that I sought the advice of my former teammates.

When we drilled down into what I wanted – the opportunity to collaborate, being challenged, working with a team that was ambitious, clever, and creative, and fundamentally make a difference – there appeared to be a natural fit. Why not ZPB?

ZPB over the years has built of portfolio of brilliant clients, a silly-smart team but also has gained the reputation of being a career-making agency – for its team, clients and networks. They’ve been recognised with awards for stand out work such as The Drum Awards for Content for the Our Healthier South-East London campaign, finalist for Strategic Consultancy of the year at the HealthInvestor Awards and winner of the 2020 Best Public Affairs Campaign at PR Week with their Push Doctor campaign.

Health and social care is a never-ending opportunity to learn and make impact. From public health including pandemics, behaviour change and reducing inequalities to medical research, technology, and new pharmaceutical treatments. ZPB does PR, comms, marketing, brand strategy, market access and research so interact with politics, charities, media, NHS organisations, patients, and the public.

Since I’d left, I had the opportunity to lead hyper-local digital campaigns for Government clients, created an award-winning sustainability and communications strategy for Rakuten’s EMEA staff, rebranded a network of gender justice philanthropy organisations, launched the Menopause Charity in the UK, and was seconded to the National Emergencies Trust (NET) in 2020 to co-lead and set up their Communications department. I’d also picked up a thing or two about Behaviour Change, strategy and deepened my knowledge on social issues.

So would I make 2022 the Year of the Great Return? Absolutely.

I’m thrilled to be reunited with the team as an Account Director – I’m hoping to reintroduce the overconsumption of snacks, Wednesday’s PUBlem solving and maybe even a lunchtime running club. Either way, the team will be subjected to my terrible taste in music and shouting dog.

I’m excited for what the future holds and feel good with the knowledge that I’m on the right track, with the right people beside me.

By Charlotte Highmore

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