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A call for ‘plain speaking’ about poor NHS care

Roger Taylor from Dr Foster Intelligence was recently featured on the BBC Health news website, writing on the changing culture around the NHS. Taylor states that in the past, “there has been a culture in the NHS, which at best aims to reassure the public and at worst seeks to conceal failings.”

But whilst the NHS are getting better at saving lives and not worse, despite what the statistics might suggest, Taylor believes there is an increasing recognition that the poor quality of care provided to some is not acceptable. People are speaking more plainly about the poor quality of care, and Taylor expects this trend to continue from high up the NHS ranks.

As Taylor points out – the penalty, to not speak plainly and improve patient outcomes, is too high. This is indicated by the frightening statistic quoted by Hilary Cass, President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health: “In Britain, there are five deaths of children a day – 2,000 a year – that are preventable and unnecessary if our services perform as well as those of Sweden. The country’s children are our future. We should do so much better. This is a major crisis.”


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