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A ‘magnetic’ style of leadership

Earlier this month Nina Nashif, founder of business accelerator Healthbox, was featured in the Chicago Tribune.

The article outlines Nina’s success so far and her promising future, as was recognised by her recent invitation to The Forum of Young Global Leaders where 199 promising leaders under 40 (including Chelsea Clinton and Tony Hseih) were invited.

It is clear from the article that so much of her success stems from her enthusiasm, determination and passion for supporting entrepreneurs in the health sector. Whilst her incubator model might have its doubters, Nina is confident that her venture will work, and with Healthbox having successfully launched 37 health care start ups to date there is evidence to support her confidence.

The type of passion and intensity Nina has demonstrated in her career thus far makes for strong leadership, a quality essential for success in what can be, a tough market.

Click here to read the full article.

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