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A rebrand where the consultants are the heroes


We’ve just completed a rebrand and site build for Visante, a US-based consultancy that specialises in medicines optimisation and processes, to help develop a new brand and websites for both the US and UK.

The first stage in a rebrand is to get to know the client, and as we spent time with CEO Michael Flagstad and his team, it quickly became clear that Visante’s USP is the vast experience and calibre of their consultants. These guys have spent decades working in hospital pharmacy and have worked with countless hospitals, finding more efficient ways of working and generating savings of millions of dollars.

The next stage was a photoshoot with our favourite photographer Mischa Haller with the consultants in a modern setting, and the visual tone for the brand was set. The consultants are what this company is all about and they are at the heart of the brand. We worked with our design associates DTC to develop the design and sites, creating a new strapline A vision for moving healthcare forward, which is echoed in the dynamic graphic arrow shapes throughout.

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