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AHSNs launch 2015 Impact Report: Spreading innovation, improving health, promoting economic growth

Last week at the NHS Confederation conference in Liverpool, the AHSN (Academic Health Science Network) Network – which is managed by ZPB and brings together the leaders of all fifteen academic health science networks – launched the AHSN impact report Spreading innovation, improving health, promoting economic growth

For this report, ZPB worked with all fifteen AHSNs to pick out a just a few telling examples of how their work is making a difference for patients, clinicians, businesses and for the healthcare system. As the report notes, AHSNs bring together the NHS industry and academia to spread innovation, improve health and promote economic growth. They do so by focusing on the needs of local populations and fostering system-wide collaboration – acting as catalysts, brokers, coordinators, sponsors and knowledge-sharers.  Theirs is not a short term challenge, but they are already delivering results.

The full report is available to read here

For more information on the AHSN Network and on the 2015 impact report contact 

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