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All in a week’s work

Monday: the inaugural ‘Not the Healthcare Awards’ for the Cambridge Health Network, involving over 100 of healthcare’s finest in their finery. Tuesday: 80 of London’s information governance professionals gather to pool their brainpower and plan action to make a reality of Caldicott2. Tuesday: NHS England’s ‘market-making’ day bringing together 200 NHS trusts, suppliers and SMEs to focus on open source and e-prescribing solutions. Friday: the Dr Foster Hospital Guide goes live, featuring on radio, the Sunday Times and Monday’s Guardian amongst others.

That is what we call a busy week at ZPB. Masterminding analysis of health datasets, creating events that would engage and inform people, designing a quiz, sourcing Oscar-lite statuettes, facilitating workshop sessions, finding sponsors, briefing speakers, managing a string of invitation lists, calming client nerves, designing and producing beautiful invitations, delegate packs and infographics, writing articles for the national press…

This one week drew on the full range of our creative, strategy, data and marketing expertise. And that put our work in front of 100 senior healthcare leaders, 200 representatives from the ePrescribing and Open Source community, 80 information governance professionals as well all those who opened the newspapers over the past couple of days. This has certainly been a week to be proud of for ZPB.


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