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An exemplar use of open data

In the lead up to the Open Government Partnership Meeting this week, the Guardian Good GCSE Guide has been featured as one of four exemplar uses of open data by the Cabinet Office.

The Good GCSE Guide, authored by Roger Taylor, OPSN Chair and Alex Kafetz, helps parents compare secondary schools by simply entering a postcode. Launched in September 2013, the guide saw 20,000 users on its first day.

The guide presents publicly available data in a user-friendly format and offers an innovative example of the benefits to be had from opening up data sets for general consumption.

These benefits include economic growth, improved costumer choice, and holding public services to account. We work with a number of organisations to help them yield the benefits of open data, and continue to lobby organisations in the health and education sectors to do more to make their data available in a useful (machine readable) way.

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