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Apps in Healthcare

The Guardian posted an interesting article on the benefits of apps in healthcare. The article states that 40% of smartphone and tablet apps currently being produced are connected to healthcare. It goes on to discuss the potential impact of apps for training and professional development.

What is not discussed in depth is the potential practical impact of smartphone and tablet apps on the delivery of healthcare in the UK. So, we thought we would add to the debate by introducing The Learning Clinic’s product VitalPAC.

This is an award-winning software system that allows nurses to record patient vital signs on handheld devices, analyses the data, and instantly identifies at risk patients. It sends messages directly to doctors and enables them to record their response. VitalPAC has been shown to reduce admissions to intensive care, length of stay and in-hospital mortality.

We couldn’t agree more with the article that healthcare is facing a technological revolution and we can’t wait to see the impact that companies like The Learning Clinic will have and the resulting benefits to patients.


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