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Be part of the Health Tech Hub at the FTN Conference

If you’re a start-up in health tech, exhibiting at a big conference like the FTN is often too costly to consider in those early days. Which is why ZPB is pleased to announce the launch of the Health Tech Hub at the FTN Fringe at the Foundation Trust Network Annual Conference and Exhibition 2014. The Hub will be showcasing up to eight tech SMEs in the heart of the FTN conference at a affordable price.

The Health Tech Hub offers health tech start-ups a chance to get their innovations, their brands and their people in front of a select and senior health sector crowd of 1,200 at the FTN. As well as demo areas there will be regular digital innovation talks, a hang-out area, featuring interviews with every business.

For SMEs, it’s a great opportunity to meet hospital CEOs and Finance Directors and let them know about your tech products and identify those who will start implementing it on their wards.

If you’re an organisation interested in stimulating innovation in the tech space, talk to us about sponsorship of the Tech Hub.

Interested? Get in touch with or or call ZPB on 020 7018 1124.


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