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Beacon UK website launched

We’re proud to launch the Beacon UK new website today. New to this side of the pond, Beacon UK was set up here to work with private medical insurers, commissioners and providers to improve the delivery of health care for people with mental health problems. Psychiatrist Emma Stanton is the Chief Executive of Beacon UK and her energy and passion will make Beacon UK the company to watch in 2012.

Working with designers design to communicate, we have re-worked Beacon’s brand identity for the UK, which has a distinctive look and feel, plus a new logo. For the content-managed website we built for Beacon, we’ve introduced some neat visual design elements that add character to a business to business website, which reflects their key company message of delivering people-centred care, making sure that the right care is available at the right time.

While writing the website copy we worked closely with Emma and the US executives to get Beacon UK’s proposition and key messages right. We thoroughly enjoyed working with such bright and dynamic people – it was a great project to be involved with.


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