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Bringing Dr Tim Ferris and the Symphony Programme together

We believe in connections. Connecting people and ideas to bring about change.

Through our work with the Symphony Programme vanguard we were able to connect Dr Tim Ferris, Vice President of Population Health Management at Partners HealthCare to the Symphony Clinical forum on Wednesday 13 April.

The clinical forum will become a vital, ongoing component of the Symphony programme collaborative process, helping to shape a local health economy which works for clinicians and patients. We wanted to excited and inspire the GPs and hospital consultants in attendance and what better way than having Dr Tim Ferris live-streamed in.

Dr Ferris showed the clinical forum what is possible and what has been achieved in Eastern Massachusetts. The challenges and lessons learnt echoed Symphony’s own journey.

With permission from Dr Ferris, please find his pre-recording* available here.

*This recording was made for the Symphony Clinical Forum as a back-up to any potential technical difficulties. 

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