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Come and join the ZPB team!

We’re growing. And to do that we need to grow our team and that’s why we are looking for bright, enthusiastic, strategic and creative people to join at all levels.

So, what’s it like work at ZPB? We asked the team and here’s what they said:

“ZPB is a fast-paced and dynamic agency offering an array of exciting clients. The only thing better than the clients is the incredible group of people that work for ZPB.” 

“Expect to be challenged on a daily basis and tasked with a high-level of responsibility in order to meet the high expectations of the agency.”

“Working at ZPB is an opportunity to see how the healthcare system actually works in the UK and to play a role in how that happens. The work and pace challenge you to always be learning and thinking “so what?” or “what next?”. It’s a vibrant and supportive environment.”

“There’s a diverse range of client content which gives you an all-rounded experience of health comms. It’s a non-hierarchical environment where you feel respected and trusted – whether an intern or a manager!”

If you are up for a challenge and want to be part of the ever-changing world of healthcare communications, get in touch. We’re advertising for the following roles but are always open to hearing from prospective ZPBers at any time.

Get in touch with if you’d like to know more.

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