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CQC set for unannounced inspections

On Monday 3 April the Cambridge Health Network hosted an event with Wyman from the Care Quality Commission, Is regulation in a healthy place? It was a lively and uninhibited discussion with Wyman outlining the future of the CQC and what was in store for the regulator and the landscape of inspections going forward.

The event was covered by the Health Services Journal correspondent Nick Carding, ‘More unannounced inspections of providers ahead’, says CQC chair. The article highlights Wyman’s plans for “more unannounced inspections of providers” which is a shift in the CQC’s current approach. The regulator will focus on specific services rather than whole organisations to focus their efforts. Wyman elaborated on this point and explained that the findings in an unannounced inspection are “more real”. The CQC believe the time spent preparing for an announced inspection can represent “badly spent time and money”. Wyman sums up his thoughts: “Regardless of whether we give a provider advance notice, if there are concerns, we will uncover them.”

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