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Discussions of digital health in week’s Friday Five

NHS Digital trial new system to alert HCPs to adjust care

NHS Digital is trialling a reasonable adjustment flag on patient records that alerts health and care staff if a patient has a learning disability, so that they adjust care services accordingly.

This may include ensuring there is wheelchair access to a hospital or clinic, giving a patient a longer appointment or providing a quiet waiting area.In the trial, staff will be able to access the information through a patient’s record on the Summary Care Record application, a program designed to share key information about patients.

Further ahead, the plan is to integrate the reasonable adjustment flag with clinical systems so staff can see it on-screen as soon as they search for the patient.Read more on Digital Health.

Medical charity implements new electronic patient record system

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) has announced it will implement PatientSource’s electronic patient record system following the success of the supplier’s e-prescribing system.

PatientSource’s e-prescribing system checks appropriate dosages, route of administration. patient allergies and drug-drug interactions.

The RHN said the new prescribing system has reduced prescription errors by 83%. It’s now looking to mirror this success across the entire hospital by introducing PatientSource’s e-prescribing and e-observation (eObs) modules on every ward.

Read more on Digital Health.

More people are turning to Google to self-diagnose health concerns.

New research has suggested that packed GP surgeries and lengthy waiting times is driving more people to use Google to self-diagnose health concerns.

Data compiled by the private UK healthcare provider, Benenden Health, revealed that more than 100 million health-related Google searches were placed in the UK in the past year.

It links this to an increase in GP waiting times, based on a OnePoll survey in February in which 25% of 2,000 UK adults said they were on a waiting list for a doctor’s appointment.

Read more on Digital Health.

Concerns of the impact of a no-deal Brexit on health and social care.

In a letter to the prime minister, the leaders of 17 royal colleges and health charities across the UK raised concerns over the impact that a no-deal Brexit would have on health and social care.

The signatories stressed that clinicians are “unable to reassure patients that their health and care won’t be negatively impacted by the UK’s exit from the EU” and called for the Health Secretary Matt Hancock to be put on the EU exit strategy committee.

Read more on The BBC.


Quote of the week

In response to the government’s plans to increase the use of data and AI in the NHS, journalist and author Eleanor Morgan said:

“You can’t replace the GP with an algorithm – so don’t try to, Matt Hancock”

In her article, she questions whether it is safe to replace face-to-face consultations with AI and suggests that the adoption of digital health systems is a way for government to further cut costs.

Read more in the Guardian.

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