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Drum roll please… Cambridge Health Network launches CHNinside

We are thrilled to announce that in the new year Cambridge Health Network will launch CHNinside (CHNi) – a new initiative that will provide in-depth, detailed learning sessions for discussion and debate amongst senior healthcare leaders.

CHNi is an opportunity to meet with a small number of high-calibre peers in an exclusive and supportive setting with a subject expert.

Founded in 2004, Cambridge Health Network promotes collaboration between the public, private and academic sectors by connecting the most prominent healthcare leaders in the UK. CHN has challenged the status quo in UK healthcare by delivering dynamic events month-on-month hosting ministers, change makers and agenda setters from across the globe. Confirmed speakers for next year include the Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt, Lord Victor Adebowale of Turning Point and Dr Jonathan Perlin, President, Clinical Services and Chief Medical Officer at HCA.

CHN co-founder Pam Garside said: “CHNi was an idea that grew directly from member feedback. Through the last few years we have had many requests for smaller bespoke groups and more time to go deeper into key subject matters”.

Co-founder Penny Dash said: “These CHNi events will be open to no more than 20 people – ensuring an immersive experience and a ready made peer group for those participating”.

ZPB became commercial partners with CHN in 2012 providing strategic advice and run the network on a day-to-day basis.

Zoe Bedford, Chief Executive of ZPB Associates said: “In order to run both CHN and CHNi we have expanded our team to ensure the smooth running of both sets of events. We are committed to invest in CHN to give an even better experience for our members, whilst building CHNi to the same high standard”.

As well as announcing the launch of CHNi, the spring events were unveiled – two three-hour masterclasses, on New Models of Care and Competition reviews of Mergers in the NHS sponsored by Aldwych Partners.

For more information on both how you can get involved with either CHN or CHNi visit

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