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Healthcare at Home nominated for patient experience award

Two pieces of good news for our friends over at Healthcare at Home. Firstly, they’ve gotten a brilliant write-up in the Daily Mail by journalist, Rachel Ellis, who explores the feasibility of receiving complex clinical treatments at home. Her piece follows on from Mike Farrar’s comments in the Telegraph about how we need to ditch the outdated ‘hospital-or-bust approach’ and find more cost-effective and innovative ways of treating people, in particular by treating them at home. I don’t know if it’s a change in the wind or just New Year zeal but there definitely seems to be a palpable shift in the way people are thinking about hospital care.

Secondly, Healthcare at Home have been nominated for a patient experience award at the Patient Experience Network National Awards 2011, which are taking place in Birmingham today. We’d like to wish them the very best of luck and if their patients were the ones voting, they would be a shoe-in.


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