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New research finds the NHS could create 5,800 virtual beds by using Recovery at Home

Today is the launch of Healthcare at Home’s report, Addressing the hospital capacity problem: The Recovery at Home solution, which ZPB has prepared. The report focuses on the potential impact of Recovery at Home services in light of the rise in emergency admissions and increased pressure on hospital capacity and bed occupancy. The report details how three hospitals have used the capacity to manage service demands.

If scaled across the NHS, Recovery at Home services could create 5,800 virtual beds and release around 40 beds in a typical acute trust.

The service is very popular with patients, and has a 98 per cent patient satisfaction rate. Patient outcomes are improved with services showing low rates of readmission after discharge.

The report is being launched at the King’s Fund this evening at 6 pm. There are limited places available. If you would like to attend please email


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