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New year, new cabinet…

By Charlie Smoothy

This week has seen Theresa May reshuffle her cabinet after the scandals that broke before Christmas. Whilst the top three posts haven’t changed (the Chancellor, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary), May has been quietly radical in the lower ranks.

There are now more women as Ministers than have been before, and there are a wave of newer, younger MPs taking up posts.

For us though, little has changed, although the Department of Health has been given an additional Minister with Steve Barclay MP and Caroline Dineage MP replacing Philip Dunne MP, both as Ministers of State. Jeremy Hunt defied the odds and remained Health Secretary, gaining Social Care in his title.

There has been a mixed response to the new Department and Secretary of State remit; Norman Lamb MP (previous Minister of State for Care and Support and ex-Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Health) tweeted:

It will be interesting to see what changes, if any, the Department for Health and Social Care makes, and how Jeremy Hunt makes social care a priority going forward.

We may hear more when the Secretary of State addresses the Cambridge Health Network on 23 January, email the team to find out more.


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