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Partnerships for Healthy Outcomes

After eight months of work, Tuesday evening saw the launch of our major new report that investigates how the NHS and private sector can form effective partnerships.

Under the guidance of Sir William Wells, we convened a group of leading figures to discuss the why, the what and the how of public-private joint working to produce “Partnerships for Health Outcomes. Modernising health sector procurement: making partnerships work between the public, private and third sectors.”

Our friends at Sodexo have been supporting the report, while we at ZPB have been busy writing, editing, designing and promoting the publication.

We drew a 110 strong crowd of senior NHS, private and third sector leaders from around the country. The event, debate and the publication has already been reported by the The Guardian and Health Investor.

We expect this report to be a living, evolving document, where people can continually input by sharing their experiences about public-private partnerships. Watch this space for the upcoming regional and national events where you will be able to find out how to get involved.


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