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Patient knows best

A new report published by Imperial College London has shown that patient feedback is an accurate indicator of hospital performance.

Researchers found a correlation between patient’s views and objective measures of a hospital’s performance; positive patient feedback is associated with lower overall mortality and mortality in high risk conditions, lower readmission rates and reduced rates for MRSA and C-diff infection.

Simon Burns, the health minister, said: “We’ve always known giving patients a stronger voice is the right thing to do, but this fascinating research suggests patient feedback could be even more valuable than previously thought. In confirming that patients’ observations and instincts are often spot on the research underlines the value of online feedback,”

This is great news for our friends at Patient Opinion and helps to reinforce the value of the work they do gathering patient stories and feeding these back to the relevant hospitals. It really does show how important the patient’s voice can be. Trusts, commissioners and organisations take note; patients know the score and are only set to become more vocal on sites like Patient Opinion.


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