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The AHSN Patient Safety Collaboratives launch their first annual report: Making care safer for all

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This week at the Patient Safety Congress in Manchester, the AHSN Network’s 15 Patient Safety Collaboratives (PSCs) launch their report Making care safer for all.

It’s been almost three years since Professor Don Berwick set out his vision for improving the safety of patients in England. The PSCs, founded in response to his recommendations, have played a critical role in delivering change in the culture of patient safety across the NHS.

This report is intended as an introduction to the work currently being done by the PSCs, to identify opportunities for patient safety improvement and to enable the spread and adoption of solutions. PSCs seek to add value to existing organisationally based patient safety programmes by bringing organisations together and working across organisational, sectoral and geographical boundaries.

So far initiatives have resulted in a broad range of outcomes including:

  1. Care bundles that reduced mortality after emergency laparotomies by 42 per cent.

  2. A 50 per cent increase in service users retuning to mental health wards on time.

  3. Clearer clinician-produced guidance that improves discharge information on acute kidney injury.

In addition to focusing on the PSCs’ national leadership role and local PSC initiatives, this report highlights their vision and shared priorities for 2016/17. From acute kidney injury, to mental health or sepsis, the potential for collaboration and adoption and spread of patient safety initiatives is immense.

The full report is available to read and download here.

Click here to watch Deputy Chair of the PSC, Dr Rosie Benneyworth, talk about the report.

For more information on the Patient Safety Collaboratives and the report contact

The report was produced and edited by ZPB Associates

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