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The Fringe is back

If you were one of the hardy health sector professionals braving the March rain for ZPB’s Expo run at the NHS Innovation Expo this year, you’ll be pleased to hear we’re dusting off our running shoes once again.


This time it’s for the Foundation Trust Network’s Annual Conference and Exhibition 2014, for which we’ve just launched the FTN Fringe, and the #FTNrun is just one of the fun things we’re organising alongside networking breakfasts, drinks parties and other events.

With two days of high-level healthcare learning on the cards, this time in Liverpool on November 18-19, the FTN Fringe is the perfect way to offer delegates unique networking events in venues outside the conference centre.

So with only three months to go, if you too want to host or sponsor a Fringe event for colleagues or clients, then head over to our new FTN Fringe website and get in touch to see how we can make your FTN Annual Conference and Exhibition 2014 one to remember.

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