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Thinking big – ZPB news

Growth is exciting for a small business – it forces you to take stock of what you are about, what you do well, and what you want to do more of. You get to be inspired, dream big, and push yourselves.

We grew by 50% at the end of our financial year and we’ve done some pretty exciting work with our clients. We’re more than a bit proud, and want to take this opportunity to do some shameless bragging about what we’ve been up to…

Marketing and communications

  1. We’re embarking on a new strategic partnership with Yeovil District NHS Foundation Trust, part of the Symphony vanguard. We’ve conducted market research with their local population and are now developing a strategic communications plan with them.

Strategy, vision and insight

  1. We’re training the CQC to improve the way they visualise data to add impact to their reports. We are running training workshops and will be launching a manual to equip them with the tools they need to make data beautiful, and the skills to run workshops internally.

  2. With Aldwych Partners we conducted a survey of 17,000 agency doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals to understand how they are likely to respond to the proposed health care staff agency pay cap.

Content strategy and thought leadership

  1. With the Open Public Services Network, the RSA, and Mind, we analysed publically available health data and looked at the link between mental health and physical health. The shocking result is that people with serious mental health problems are 2.4 times more likely to die early than the general population. We launched a website that gives users the ability to mine the data by postcode as well as a report on our methodology. The project was widely covered by the BBC.

  2. We launched a report on clinical homecare for Healthcare at Home at the House of Lords, attended by 100 key influencers on the work we have done with our expert panel.

Convening and connecting people

  1. Public Health England (PHE), NICE and ZPB hosted a roundtable to gather industry views on PHE’s app endorsement programme. Over 25 people, including a range of SMEs and industry leaders, came together to discuss what they thought about the process in its current form, and how best to shape it, going forward. It proved to be a rich consultation session for the endorsement process team.

  2. The Cambridge Health Network (CHN), run by ZPB, is the one to watch next year. The event programme kicks off in January 2016 with the annual lecture from the Secretary of State for Health, and we will launch CHNInside – a new exclusive set of smaller learning events designed to inspire and stretch thinking amongst senior leaders in the healthcare sector. Look out for more on this later this week.

New team members

Our team is growing, in the past couple of months we have welcomed Victoria Hatcher and Éanna O Lochlainn as Senior Account Managers. Harry Milnes has joined our graduate training programme, and Charlie Oliver has joined last week as our new intern.

We are looking for a Client Services Director to join the team – please get in touch if you know anyone who would fit the job description.

So long, farewell

It is with great sadness that we also bade farewell to our Strategy Director Hilary Rowell at the end of the year. Hilary has been fundamental to the growth of ZPB, her sheer brilliance, commitment and knowledge leave us in no doubt that we would not be where we are without her. In particular her work with the AHSN Network and the way she has taught us all to bring even more professionalism and quality to everything we do. We wish her, and her family, all the best in their move to Australia.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading. Make sure you keep in touch by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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