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Using insight to increase share of voice in a crowded market

CHS Healthcare (part of Acacium Group), partner with the NHS and social care to deliver innovative patient flow and pathway solutions supporting patients and families as they navigate health and care journeys.

From July through to December 2022, ZPB Associates ran two conjoining campaigns underlining patient flow as a key driver for delayed hospital discharge. These campaigns were not about marketing for the short term, but positioning CHS Healthcare against competitors as the leading brand for patient flow by demonstrating thought leadership around long term solutions to a perennial problem.

Reaching decision makers in health and care is increasingly challenging as pressure on the NHS means they have little time to engage. We wanted to demonstrate new thinking around patient flow and increase CHS Healthcare’s share of voice with content that resonated with system leaders as well as customers.

Investing in data allowed us to enhance our communications, achieve our objectives and stand apart from other organisations talking about these issues.

Read the full case study to find out more about the data-led approach we took to increase CHS Healthcare's share of voice and support CHS Healthcare to generate eight new NHS partnerships.


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