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When you know what you’re good at, play to it

We have invested a lot of time over the last 18 months in our team, culture, feedback mechanisms and responsiveness. People have often commented on the amount of time and focus ZPB affords to this, but I can confidently say it’s been central to the growth we’re experiencing this year.

In the earlier years of ZPB, we experienced periods of rapid growth (4x billings growth across a quarter) and periods of slower growth. And it didn’t always lead to a happy team.

Sustainable, steady and solid growth however is different. We’re in our ninth year now, and it doesn’t matter which way you cut the data, our business will have grown significantly above industry averages this year. Crucially, we’ve done this steadily and surely, spread across a healthy client base and service offer mix.

Finances are just one metric to test the health of a business though. Our recent team survey showed a team that is very career focused, ambitious for themselves, their colleagues and the business, and hungry for more opportunities to spread their wings. It also told us that the team would almost unanimously recommend ZPB as a place to work.

This is great – not because it makes us feel warm and fuzzy – but because company growth, requires offer and service growth, which leads to team development, which leads to career opportunities.

To use our team mate Alex Metcalfe as an example of this. In playing to his own strengths and enjoyment of digital comms, he has developed a refreshed, extended comms offer for our clients. With this, he’s brought two new clients into the ZPB network in January alone, and has become the de facto head of comms and PR for ZPB.

And it goes without saying that his new role means bigger opportunities, greater exposure and a chance to develop and start leading new initiatives within the business. Over the last few days, Alex will have run a workshop in Cambridge, run another in Manchester for a major digital health provider, and spent the day in the Houses of Parliament on behalf of his new health tech client. He’s done this in his typically unassuming and modest style – but that’s what makes him so effective as a senior client manager and PR.

For more information about career opportunities at ZPB or how we can help you with your digital comms, please contact Alex ( or 07834522992).


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