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Zoe tells IPT Online how pharma can add digital value to the NHS

With a background in data and insight, ZPB’s CEO, Zoe Bedford, was asked by Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology (IPT) online magazine to share her thoughts on how technological advancements and data are transforming the pharmaceutical and life science industries.

Zoe addresses how the NHS has approached digitisation, the challenges faced and what the future holds. The new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, has been very vocal about his priorities for technology, but Zoe rightly points out that in order for this to become a reality the pharma and life science industries need to take action.

Zoe told IPT: “If the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries want to get closer to patients, now is the time to do it, for it is they who will transform the health system, not the politicians and policy makers.”

Zoe couldn’t be more equipped to share her views, as prior to ZPB she was head of marketing and communications at Dr Foster, helping healthcare organisations make better decisions using data and insight.

She is also incredibly passionate about the use of data and transparency as the basis for change, improvement, and better working practices within the health and care system. ZPB has been built on these foundations over the last nine years, creating an environment where the NHS, pharma, life sciences and third sector can have better connected and more productive partnerships.

Read more about Zoe’s insights into technology advancements on IPT online.

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