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ZPB are on NHS England’s HSS Framework

We’re delighted to announce that ZPB have been accredited as a supplier across multiple consortia on NHS England’s Health Systems Support Framework (formerly the ACS Framework).

We’re partnering with a number of organisations to provide specialist stakeholder engagement and communications services across three lots. This will mainly be to help the emerging ICSs and STPs identify, engage and consult key stakeholders. Be sure to look out for more details of these partnerships when NHS England publish the list in full.

For those who are less familiar with our NHS work, here’s a sample of some we’ve done within the NHS:

  1. Created a mission, vision and digital home for a vanguard site. Engaged with clinical stakeholders, particularly GPs and hospital consultants, and formed a ‘Cabinet’ that could feed back on the vanguard proposals and come together to invest in the vision and aim, and then advocate to local clinical groups

  1. Designed and helped deliver the communications programme for a complex and sensitive contract takeover, which involved approximately 1,400 staff being TUPE’d from the NHS to a new provider

  1. Designed the communications and stakeholder engagement plan when CAMHS services migrated from a single NHS provider to a consortia of private, public and third sector providers. This involved all media, crisis planning, staff communications, stakeholder identification and management, and the coordination of all communications across the consortia

  1. Ran a public engagement campaign based on qualitative research and consumer insight, to raise awareness of the rights and choices available to people at the end of life, or when they are incapacitated

  1. Undertook a public engagement exercise to inform the technology strategy and design of a more integrated health and care system for a vanguard site. The programme board wanted to understand how people currently use health and care services and what they thought about digital health propositions in health services. ZPB had just 10 weeks in which to design, deliver and report back to the board on a mixed methodology research programme with 1,600 responses from a representative sample.

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