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ZPB Board Director hits the headlines

It’s not everyday that one of your own is interviewed by The Times, so it’s ZPB’s time to show off a little…

One of our board directors, Pam Garside, was interviewed by Peter Evans in The Sunday Times.

Pam, who has been with ZPB since its inception in 2009, has been a solid backbone to the company as it has grown to be what it is today. Pam is somewhat of a multitasking pro, being able to juggle numerous plates all at once. We’re considering putting her forward for Britain’s Got Talent. Just some of these plates include her own management consultancy, Newhealth, a Fellow of the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge.

This isn’t all though, she is also a board member of Whizz-Kidz charity and Punchdrunk theatre, and works with a number of other US and European healthcare organisations.

If that wasn’t enough to make your brain malfunction, she is also a board member of the Cambridge Angels helping innovators and early stage companies navigate this challenging marketplace, that is healthcare, and shaping entrepreneurial bioscience through investment.

There is one thing we are sure of, we are glad she is on our team!

From beginning her career in NHS management and gaining a masters degree in Hospital and Healthcare Administration from the University of Minnesota, Pam clearly has a wealth of experience to offer. Her expertise are crucial to those developing revolutionary bioscience products for healthcare, ultimately accelerating the innovation pipeline, transforming patient access to healthcare and supporting innovation from concept to market. In fact, Pam actually stumbled across investing by accident, she told The Times: “I started angel investing by accident. I took equity in a company I was working with in lieu of fees, I thought it was interesting, and went from there. Investing is risky, but it’s exciting.”

Pam assures us that Zoe is not one of the “deluded founders” she speaks of in the article. Read more.

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