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ZPB delivers successful myth-busting campaign

ZPB spent July creating and delivering an incredibly successful content-led social media campaign for Outcomes Based Healthcare (OBH).

Our task was to create a myth-busting campaign to raise the profile of outcomes-based approaches to healthcare and OBH’s brand awareness. We hit on the idea of a social media campaign and produced a series of essays designed to spark informed discussion, illuminated by a series of interviews and case studies. The campaign was also helped along with a blog piece on NHS Voices.

The results exceeded even our expectations:

  1. 14,100% increase in traffic to the OBH website from search engines

  2. 9,500% increase in referral traffic particularly from twitter.

  3. 451% increase in visits to their website and a 322% increase in unique visitors.

On twitter, interest in OBH built up its own momentum. Our twitter campaign achieved a reach of 73,763 twitter accounts resulting in a 42.3% increase in OBH’s twitter followers. As OBH themselves would say, however, these are really just process measures!

Content is king as always and these were our favourite responses:

“Fascinating to see @OBH_UK address the myths (excuses?) that people use to stick to fee-for-service” “all about taking outcomes OUT of the ‘too difficult’ box” “Superb new resource on outcomes-based commissioning by @OBH_UK” “Great new content and links” “I love this campaign”

Out in the ‘real’ world, it is good to hear that OBH is now enjoying some good old-fashioned face to face conversations with CCGs and others, prompted by the campaign.

We are old hands at creating ‘thought leadership’ reports, events and campaigns but this is the first time we’ve gone fully on-line. We like it!

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