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ZPB wins tender to support the national network of AHSNs

ZPB has recently taken up a new role managing the so-called network of networks – the collective name for the fifteen Academic Health Science Networks – which is chaired by Rachel Munton, managing director of Eastern AHSN. We are always excited to acquire a new client, but this feels like a particularly significant milestone.

AHSNs bring together NHS, academia, the private sector and other external partners. Our business is founded on a belief in the capacity of different sectors to work together to drive healthcare improvement and economic growth, so supporting the AHSNs is a great privilege. It’s also good to be a living example of AHSN engagement with SMEs.

While each AHSN has a regional remit, they share the same aims of facilitating cross-sector partnerships and driving innovation so there is much to learn from each other and a determination to avoid duplicated effort. The network of networks enables the fifteen AHSNs to share knowledge and establish a collective voice in national discussions on common areas of interest.

ZPB will help promote the AHSNs nationally, as well as collecting and disseminating best practice and managing a schedule of meetings and events. It will also act as the hub for enquiries aimed at the AHSNs collectively via

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