Insight and analytics

Introducing the ZPB Analytics Unit

The ZPB Analytics Unit works alongside ZPB’s strategy, marketing and PR specialists to combine bespoke analysis, understanding of available data and statistical, health data and economic techniques to bring rigour, insight and value measurement to client challenges.

This includes PR stories, market analysis, segmentation and micro-targeting, understanding the value of products and services if rolled out at scale and the economics and societal consequences of policy being enacted. We have completed analysis for pharma companies, technology businesses and private providers of NHS services. Read our analysis of COVID-19 on mental health services for a mental health provider here and our assessment of the impact of inpatient appointments.

Run by Managing Partner Alex Kafetz and Analyst Anne Janssen.

Our services

We work with each client to create a bespoke offer that meets their needs and give them access to the most appropriate health and economic data for their requirements. Typical offerings include:

Market segmentation and micro-targeting: Identifying target customers (trusts, STPs etc) by analysing relevant indicators and combining these to identify latent need; overlaying this hard intel with soft intel, such as research of board papers, stakeholders, long term strategic goals of targets and anecdotal information from ZPB’s network.

Socioeconomic analysis: Using a variety of datasets to assess the impact that a change to the system will have on cost and burden of disease, e.g. what effect would back-switching OTC medicine to prescription-only have on GP appointments, A&E visits, the cost to individuals etc. What is the cost of a certain action to the individual and to the NHS? Is there a benefit to switching to a certain product? Is there a negative effect?

– Future proofing: Predicting the state of the NHS based on existing indicators and trends, e.g. A&E waiting times or waiting list for non-urgent operations. What are the pressures on the system at the moment? Where will we be in six months or a year? Where do we need alternative solutions to relieve the pressure?

– Proving the value of services: Measurements of the quality and efficacy of services to demonstrate a product or service is doing a good job, measuring the effectiveness of services or service change

Product impact analysis: Using various datasets to create an evidence base to emphasise what impact has the product/client had on the system and helping clients quantify the benefits

– Competitor analysis: Sizing up the competition’s brand, position and market perception to identify the client’s unique offer. Who are the main competitors and where does the client stand out?

– Polls and surveys: UK-wide or individual country poll representative of the population’s age and gender, with regional and/or national quotas. Behavioural insights on how to respond to diseases in the coming years. We can build future-proofing disease panels, made up of patients and carers, and clinicians. This will allow clients to create a 360° programme to engage stakeholders.

To understand how your organisation can work with the ZPB Analytics Unit please speak to Alex Kafetz, by email or phone 07826 552349

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