Insight and analytics

Market intelligence

We will identify the health economies and organisations with a requirement for your product or service, prioritise them according to the strength of that requirement, and then build the evidence you need to prove your suitability as a partner.

How we work

We analyse open data and then draw up a list of indicators and variables that flag your best customers based on need and suitability.

We overlay this with unstructured data, soft intelligence and qualitative insight to build a rich picture of current and future scenarios.

This gives us a good indication of potential matches.

We then talk to people to validate our logic.

This gives us the profile on which to base the model, and after that, we go find similar organisations and areas that express similar characteristics and signals.

What you get

Clear insight and intelligence on your market and potential customers with a richness and detail that you can’t get anywhere else.



All organisations know instinctively what they’re good at and where they bring value, but not so many know how to evidence that and present it in a language or format that resonates with their customers.  Many teams tend to rely on anecdotal evidence, a handful of case studies and the goodwill or a reference site.

We will help you differentiate what you’re good at, systematically build up that evidence base and then package it up in a way that means you’ve got meaningful, compelling data to prove the quality and efficacy of your product or service.

How we work

This depends on what data or insights you have, and how that data is structured.  Our analysts will work with you to create a set of indicators, mine your data and then benchmark it against national standards and publicly available datasets.


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