Insight and analytics

Evidence-based insight that drives change where it matters

By identifying areas of unmet or emerging need, our insight drives change where it matters.

Our Insights Unit combines customer and audience insights with innovative data, statistical and economic techniques that bring rigour, new perspectives and true insight to client challenges.

Our focus lies on the changing NHS structure and landscape, how it’s funded and operates, where the activity and trends are, and how the public, patients and healthcare staff are changing in their attitudes, behaviours and needs.  Our data analysts and market researchers create a strong evidence base on which our teams and clients can make qualified, evidenced decisions.

Deep audience, customer and market insight that influences

 Stakeholder and audience beliefs and behaviours are changing fast.  Identifying those beliefs, trends and what underpins them is essential to driving any kind of behaviour change, whether that be in engaging the public in their own health or driving HCP engagement with a new technology.

We help organisations understand these changes through a rich mix of qualitative and quantitative insight techniques.

Whether it’s engaging hard to reach communities around vaccine hesitancy, or understanding commissioners’ attitudes towards service configuration or medical education, our researchers and analysts will extract the key insights that give the evidence to drive confident, effective strategies.

We offer:

  • Customer research and audience insights: using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research techniques we help understand attitudes and behaviours and identify areas of unmet need. We always start with what stakeholders need and want and use that to drive effective communications and marketing programmes.  Our behavioural insights can show how to respond to diseases in the coming years, and our future-proofing disease panels, made up of patients, carers and clinicians allow clients to create a 360° programme to engage stakeholders.


  • Market segmentation and micro-targeting: Identifying target customers by analysing relevant indicators and combining these to identify latent need; overlaying hard intel with soft intel, such as research of board papers, stakeholders, long term strategic goals of targets and anecdotal information from ZPB’s network.


  • Socioeconomic analysis: Using a variety of datasets to assess the impact that a change to the system will have on cost and burden of disease, i.e. What is the true burden of a condition not just on a patient, but their carer, family, workplace, school and local economy?


  • Future proofing and impact analyses: Forecasting future NHS trends and activity patterns based on existing indicators and trends.


  • Measuring and evidencing value: Measurements of the quality and efficacy of products and services for patient and staff outcomes and experience, service utilisation, cost to the system.


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