Brand strategy for ReSPECT programme

Great brands are built on solid insight. ZPB interviewed Londoners to understand how they felt about the ReSPECT process and built a brand identity and campaign based on the findings.

  • We spoke to Londoners about the process and captured insights around this sensitive concept, which involves detailing for professionals your end of life care preferences. We found some didn’t want to engage with it – however, for others, it was really important
  • To help the concept be easily understood by the public and professionals alike, we developed a friendly brand identity and a campaign concept that focused on real people’s motivations for completing the ReSPECT process

To show the value of ReSPECT, we captured the views of patients and the public in a series of talking heads videos for the website. 


  • The ReSPECT logo and brand feel is recognisable and has warmth and personality.
  • The local (London) pilot of the brand has since been rolled out to be adopted by CCGs and local regions across the country.
  • The videos have been watched thousands of times by both the public and professionals to help understand the purpose of the ReSPECT process.

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