A new approach to NHS reform

Clinical care in the home can save the NHS £120million, but limited evidence and understanding led to it being overlooked in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

Healthcare at Home asked ZPB to increase awareness and help stimulate market interest. We ran a thought leadership programme of work and created original content and events using a data-led approach co-created with senior health sector experts.

Using hard evidence, expert collaboration and straight-forward storytelling we represented an industry-wide perspective from our alliance of senior stakeholders.

We produced and promoted a series of three papers over18 months authored by health commentator Richard Vize that proposed a sustainable vision for the future of community care. Our evidence was used in a parliamentary inquiry into the first 1000 days of life.

The experts in the room

We convened our senior industry experts quarterly, creating an engaged team with different experiences working together to find innovative solutions for the provision of high-quality community care. Roundtables were lively and challenging, driven by probing questions and stimulation from top speakers including Sir Mike Richards, former NHS England National Director of Cancer and Richard Murray, CEO of the Kings Fund.

We launched findings to system leaders and influencers at NHS Confed, the Kings Fund and the Cambridge Health Network, where Healthcare at Home was able to provoke market interest and pursue implementation of the coalition’s care model. 

Download our reports online: The 2,000days project, Are hospitals the answer? and Amake or break moment

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